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Albert Recognized Internationally

Mother Tree by Albert Handell, Pastel Painted on Location, 16 x 20

Recognized Internationally as One of Ten Pastelists in the U.S. to Represent in Suzhou City, China

I have been chosen as a PSA Hall of Fame Honorees as one of only ten artist to represent PSA at the 2nd Biennial International Pastel Exhibition at Ming Gallery of Art in Suzhou City, China, I am truly honored. I am excited to share some of the details as they unfold.

The Ming Gallery has an ambitious exhibition program focused upon the introduction of pastels to Chinese art collectors. The China Pastel Network, the China equivalent of PSA.

Each artist is represented by a single work. After the exhibition at the Ming Gallery, selected works will be exhibited in prestigious exhibitions throughout China over the next year.

The biennial is organized by China (Suzhou) Pastel Academic Research Center and the Chinese Artists Association of Watercolor Art Committee. Their press release states;

“The PSA Board of Governors wishes to thank the sponsors of the biennial, the China Pastel Network and the Ming Gallery of Art, for this generous recognition of the role PSA has played in the revival of pastel as an expressive medium for artists in the United States and the international world of artists. It is an honor for PSA to be represented by these ten outstanding PSA master pastelists at the groundbreaking Ming Gallery, Suzhou, China in this prestigious international pastel exhibition.”

Who knows where my travels will take me this coming year!