“Along the Taos Sky Basin Road” a magnificent subject to paint Comments Off on “Along the Taos Sky Basin Road” a magnificent subject to paint

The Taos Ski Basin stream is quite varied and very paintable as it leaves the ski basin and meanders downhill emptying into the Rio Grande. It’s one of my favorite streams and I have painted it often.
One painting location along the way right off the side of the road, with plenty of parking has wonderful views. I take groups there often.

Hudson Valley Art Association
84thAnnual Juried Exhibition
Held at the Salmagundi Club, NYC
April 30-May 6, 2017

When painting the stream on location I paint with pastel, or my other technique watercolor under painting finishing with pastel, and take photographs for reference.
“Along the Taos Ski Basin Road” oil was painted later indoors, starting with a transparent monochromatic under painting (color is eliminated and with one color, I used Vandyke brown, I establish the entire composition transparently, using Gamsol as my medium, saving my opaque applications of paint for later).
I then started at the center of interest (the fallen tree and rocks).

I reestablished opaquely the dark’s with a mixture of Ultramarine blue and Burnt Sienna, this mixture gives the painting bold dark colors.

If I want the mixture to be colder in color I simply add more Ultramarine blue, and if I want it warmer I just add more Burnt Sienna- this is a wonderful way to establish warm and cool dark colors, which can be brought up in value with white for beautiful warm and cool and neutral grays. I use these grays throughout the painting.

For the rocks I just add Yellow Ocher and touches of mauve to my light gray mixtures.
Then painting from dark to light, I paint all the local colors and relate them to each other, I then establish the white water that brings everything out. At this point continuing with bold brush work and knife applications I work till finish.