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Annapolis Workshop

Thanks to Rick Casali for hosting our workshop in his fabulous studio. Rick is a nationally well-known sculptor and artist and his studio reflects the quality of his art. The natural Northern light, the well-chosen wall colors and the perfect height of the ceilings, all added an atmosphere of professionalism to the time we spent there.

Our thanks to David Lawton, a fellow artist, for his superb organization.

A quote of guidance from Albert from one of his daily demos…

“How CAST SHADOWS add such importance and interest in your painting:

1. Cast shadows show the direction from which the light is coming.
2. They also beautifully give form to the object on which they are cast.
3. The cast shadows also identify what object is casting the shadow.

All these elements create intimacy and magic to your painting.”

Albert Handell best of

We’d wanted to share an artist who participated in the workshop, Maria Marino and her extraordinary notes she drew below. Thank you Maria!

Albert Handell sketch to use