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Albert Handell’s Suggested Art Supplies for On-Location Landscape Painting

For Plein Air Painting:

Some general supplies are your portable easel, a hat with a wide brim, sunscreen, etc. Unfortunately umbrellas, which could be useful, are difficult to take onto airplanes.

The Easel:

Bring a sturdy easel to work on. There are many different makes that are good. The easel that Albert Handell uses and that works well for both oils and pastels is the portable French easel. This portable easel folds into a box, and is recommended for on location painting. The best easels are made in France. They come in two sizes (full and half-size); both are good. Mr. Handell uses the full size. If you have a different easel that you use- bring it!

‘Island Costal Trees’, Pastel 12×18 by Albert Handell

What Art Supplies Should The Pastel Artist Bring?

If you are painting in pastel, bring all the pastels that you have and the pastel papers that you like to paint on – plus a few lightweight drawing boards i.e., made of foam core or gator board or any lightweight material. Albert likes to use the Kitty Wallis Sanded Paper in both white and their Belgium Mist grey tone, they both come in pads of 8 sheets, and he prefers the 12×18” size, but if you wish to work on a smaller size, these pads are also available in 9×12”. These are very handy pads for pasteling on location, and can be purchased from Dakota Art Supplies (they only sell pastel supplies) at
888.345.0067. Albert also paints with pastel on U-Art sanded papers 500-p and 600-p, grits.

If you wish to work on other pastel papers, be sure to bring them to the workshop. 

If you are an experienced pastelist, bring the pastels you already have.

What Pastels should I bring?
  • All pastel brands are good, since plein air painting is a one session experience. Mr. Handell paints with a combination of Unison, Schmenke, Nu-Pastels, Rembrandt, Senelier, to name a few. Bring what you already have.
Other Pastel Materials:
  • A few sticks of soft vine charcoal
  • Masking tape
  • Light weight drawing board (foam core)
  • Spray fixative (any brand)
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Folding TV tray (optional)

What Art Supplies Should The Oil Painter Bring?

‘At Water’s Edge, East Beach’ Oil 20×24 by Albert Handell

If you are painting in oils, bring the colors that you are accustomed to painting with, plus at least 12 or more canvas or canvas panels to paint on. Albert likes to paint on the Source Tek Panels, telephone them at 800.587.5462 or visit their website: They have Claussen Linen glued to light weight Birch plywood – in different sizes. They are strong and lightweight. The recommended sizes are 9×12”,11×14”, 12×16”, or 14×18”. Or 16×20” Choose the sizes that you are most comfortable painting on.

Can I Ship My Art Supplies To The Workshop?

Yes, you can ship your art supplies to the hotel where you will be staying. Please contact their office directly for any special instructions or requirements. Albert Handell’s Pallet Of Oil Colors Mr. Handell paints in oil during the winter months in the studio. He uses Turpenoid as his paint medium, especially at the beginning, since these works are larger and call for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th painting sessions. He will then use Winsor Newton Liquin, very sparingly as his paint medium. He applies paint combining both brush and knife applications of color. His Oil Palette is listed below:

  • Titanium White W/N (Winsor Newton)
  • Naples Yellos W/N
  • Cadmium Yellow Light W/N
  • Cadmium Orange W/N
  • Cadmium Red Light W/N
  • Terra Rosa W/N
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson W/N
  • Yellow Ocher Light W/N
  • Burnt Sienna W/N
  • Viridian (Green) W/N
  • Cobalt Blue W/N
  • Ultra-Marine Blue W/N
  • Ivory Black W/N

If you are an experienced oil painter, bring any materials with which you would normally paint.


A large assortment of brushes is recommended. Two or three of each size: numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Your choice of brights*, flats (sable), rounds, or filberts (bristle)*.

Mr. Handell also uses:

  • Richeson # 9629 signature # 10 & 12
  • Langnickel Royal Sable # 5590 # 8, 10 & 12
  • DaVinci Maestro series 7000, # 10, 12,14 (white bristle filbert)
  • No medium; use odorless turpentine (Turpenoid) used by Mr. Handell for his alla prima paintings (one session paintings), or Gamlin Brand; Gamsol.
  • Liquin by Windsor Newton -Mr. Handell uses for glazing purposes and for paintings that take multiple sessions to complete.
  • A general all around paint medium, which many artists use, is a mixture of 1/3 Damar varnish, 1/3 linseed oil, 1/3 turpentine or turpentine substitute.
Other Oil Materials
  • Any palette
  • Two palette cups
  • Rags and/or paper towels
  • Two palette knives