Transparent Paint Comments Off on Transparent Paint

Transparent Paint

I love starting my oil paintings with transparent color washes as so many of you have seen in my demonstration within our workshop programs. I try to retain as much of these transparent colors while I resolve the painting to completion.

Over many years….both students as well as Collectors have asked me “Why, Albert, why do you so love transparent colors in the under-painting when working with such an opaque medium like oils?”

Three thoughts come to mind. I remember at the Students Art League in NYC Coffee Shop, someone said, “A truly fine painting has an inner light all of its own.” As I continued to paint seriously, I soon realized my transparent under-painting technique accomplished this with great beauty and it has an inner light-!

Secondly, I so love transparent color washes and in my opinion, there’s nothing more luminous!


Rushing Water, Oil 28×30, Albert Handell

And lastly, I highly value the textural variety of the transparent color washes contrasting with my opaque brush knife work.

May you enjoy experimenting with all these insights…the best to you and painting.