Grand Marais Comments Off on Grand Marais

ON THE ROAD AGAIN-!! Happy and healthy New Year to everyone-!!

Jeanine and I are excited about the start of 2013…with all our planned Workshops and Paint-A-Long with Albert Mentoring programs scheduled for the year.  We look forward to being together again with artist friends and meeting and painting with all the many new aspiring artists who are joining us for the first time.

Came across the enclosed photo in my files…one of myself painting on Artist Point at the Grand Marais. The photo ignited a realization that I feel is worth explaining and sharing in more detail…thusly.. the impetus for this blog.

During my COME PAINT-A-LONG MENTORING PROGRAM,  I was painting on  “ARTIST’S POINT’ a very well known, beautiful and extensive location in Grand Marais, located in northern Minnesota on Lake Superior.  In this mentoring program, every morning, I paint on location with the participating artists.  They can watch as I paint,  or they can choose  to paint nearby and every 15 or 30 minutes or so, come by and take a peek at how my painting is developing or they are also invited to stand behind me and watch and if they wish to actually paint the same subject as I am painting. I encourage this.  This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to realize and absorb some simple and yet profound insights.  It’s not that I am trying to cultivate “little Handells”… far from it.  For I have found, from my years of teaching, painting and painting with aspiring artists, that each artist who I have worked with, can certainly do something at their easel.  It’s at the beginning of their works that the problems start or it’s after  the first 15 min. or 20 min. or an hour and 20 min. the problems are there, and the aggravation is there.  Then… after three hours of painting and toil, the painting just doesn’t make it. How come?

What to do-??  These are the  the big questions-!!  BUT… by standing behind me and actually painting the same subject as I am, one realizes in an instant and in an unique way, they can easily see and realize, what I eliminate from the subject, ESPECIALLY WHAT I ELIMINATE, what I emphasize…  how and what I take from the landscape in order to develop  further and finish my painting.

It’s what I TAKE from the subject, that adds to my painting, rather than putting in “things” or unnecessary details that take away from the essence of my painting. In my opinion, there is a metamorphous that occurs in the process of  painting that is not realized, or even spoken about, especially painting “en plain air”.  Because of the constantly  changing  lighting conditions, when I start a painting, nature is the boss.  But, at a certain point in ones painting,  the metamorphosis  occurs and this is not clearly understood,  for it is then, that  the painting and the artist become boss.   After all, for it’s the painting you are going to frame and exhibit-!

This is such a straight-forward learning experience for those who wish to make use of it…’s not obligatory. AND YET.. as far as I am aware, this is not a common-place offering.  It is unequaled for learning how to proceed, develop and eventually finish your painting.

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In closing..,both Jeanine and I  wish you the best of health and painting in 2013-!!