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From Jeanine’s Easel

As we move further into the New Year, my fond memories and my sense of gratitude for a fantastic 2014 deserve to be acknowledged. Time shared this past year with Albert, family, friends and fellow artists certainly are the meaningful highlights for me-!!

Of course…our wedding day for us is on the top of the list of the more memorable events-!! It was a true delight transforming our home and gardens into a magical romantic wonderland for ourselves and immediate family. Our wedding day continues to fill the heart with loving visions. We appreciate and thank everyone for their well-wishes-!

Albert and I truly consider these last month’s travels a very special time-!! Our workshops were very well received and as always, exciting, informative and inspirational for all. It was such a delight to paint in the many various and beautiful locations with artists/friends who returned, as well as those who joined us for the first time. A true community continues to grow-!!

I continue to be inspired and in absolute awe by the dedication of all the artists and their desire to be the best artist possible-!! It is this true tenacity that develops and shows in the progress of all their paintings-!!

I also want to share an insight I discovered and adopted while painting over the years that continues to touch me deeply.
The phrase that has become my mantra:


In order to remain in this critique mode, I ask the question “What is beautiful in this painting…and… what does this painting need in order to reinforce this beauty-?? and then… listen.

When I remember this, I receive the gift of feedback applicable for my next stroke in the painting. This intuitive practice continues to benefit me deeply in my paintings as well as life skills.

Continue to enjoy painting and the fullness of life-!!

Autumn Walk

I indeed look forward to staying in touch…
(and extend an invitation to do so:

In gratitude… Jeanine