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NMAL Oil Painting Demonstration (part 1)

I would like to welcome everyone to another entry in my ongoing BLOG!!

I do enjoy sharing with you…my thoughts…my insights…and a few personal “artistic tips” from one fellow artist to another I hope you find them of interest and of a help for you in your own painting!!

Recently…I gave an informative and interesting oil painting demonstration in Albuquerque which was followed by a question and answer session. With this blog (and the following entry) I want to share with you the day’s experience-!!

The oil painting demonstration was from 1 to 4 PM…and was a benefit fund raiser for the NEW MEXICO ART LEAGUE (NMAL). Some 40 plus enthusiastic artists attended…and it was an outstanding afternoon!! When I paint an indoor demonstration…I work from a collection of photos of which I have personally taken over the years. For this demo I choose a number of photos to paint one of my very favorite subjects: moving water.


While painting on location…a vision in nature will touch me deeply…causing me to stop and take a photograph. These photos…along with photos of my own original paintings…became my inspiration for this demonstration.



My oil painting technique was demonstrated and explained at the beginning. I paint with abandon…starting with transparent color washes, using turpenoid as my medium and applying these color washes with large brushes. This becomes my transparent under-painting. I then focus on a specific area…and paint it to near completion. I then paint from this center of interest out.

I continue painting now…using thicker…more opaque paint applied with both brush and palette knife. This process continues until the painting is resolved. I find this combination of very transparent paint and very thick opaque application of paint and everything in between…visually most unique and quite beautiful!!

Our question and answer time together was indeed the perfect closing for the demonstration. A most gracious hosting by all the members of the NEW MEXICO ART LEAGUE. A sincere thank you for all your time and effort to make this a most wonderful event!!

And now for the informal interview…

On our drive back to our home in Santa Fe… Jeanine (my partner) and I exchanged our insights of the day!!

Jeanine: So…Albert…you are so excited and pleased…tell me more of your thoughts about this afternoon’s demonstration.

Albert: It was a pleasure to paint for such a receptive and appreciative audience!! A couple of the highlights for me were…Explaining my way of viewing rhythm or movement in my subject and then demonstrating how I incorporate this into my painting was a highlight for me. When I focus in on rhythm.. rather then the details…this adds “life” to the picture. Rhythm is inter-related with the abstract…thusly…the realism gets stronger and I find that it is more interesting then just focusing in on the details.

Jeanine: Yes Albert…I also liked the suggestion of the inner forest you painted on your oil painting this afternoon. I also remember your incredible explanation of your principals of values… and then for you to actually demonstrate how you use these principals in your painting…AWESOME!!

Albert: Thank you sweetheart for your additional thoughts!! I so appreciate your enthusiasm and your support. How aboutanother posting on my blog soon?

And…upon returning to Santa Fe…to our delight and surprise…there was an email from Diane Bluster, a member of the RIO GRANDE ART LEAGUE who attended the afternoon demonstration.

Her detailed, professional description of the demo which she will be passing onto the RIO GRANDE ART LEAGUE…we felt worthy to include it.

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I have enjoyed sharing all my latest news with you…and…invite you to view my next posting!! Many GREAT EVENTS ARE HAPPENING!! steroide medizin