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Painting from the Center of Interest Out

After establishing a general color tone that is pertinent for the entire painting, I start immediately looking for and establishing the center of interest (the most obvious part of the subject).

I make sure I have this area placed on the canvas where I want it compositionally. This allows me to then establish correct proportions and drawing, while painting from dark to light. Then I establish…

(continued from my Spring Newsletter)…the local colors of my subject, the lost and found edges, the contrasting darks and lights, some details, etc. This allows me to obtain an intimacy with my subject, far more so, than other methods of painting that I was taught, i. e. “paint everything first, then go in and paint the center of interest”, etc.

As I continue painting, I paint everything into the painting that is reinforcing this and anything that weakens the impact of the center-of-interest I will either eliminate or play down. And then, I will continue in this manner, ’till finish.

I hope this information will assist you with your painting.

Paint well and often…