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Hi friends,
As winter is now behind us, I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather…..
I have some interesting news, which I wish to share with you…..
THE RED BARN by Albert Handell oil 24x36

I submitted “The Red Barn” to the OPA Annual, which is being held at Cutter and Cutter Fine Art, in St. Augustine, Florida, April 29-May 25.

I am particularly excited by this painting and I want to share it with you all. Obviously the painting is not about the “red barn” but rather it is about the fantastic tree that hovers over and surrounds the barn. Literally it was a pleasure painting it.
Some oils can be such fun……Oils as a paint medium can show the possibility of certain textural contrast that is truly unique and beautiful. The textural contrast can span from luminous transparent color washes to vigorous contrasting buttery effects, achieved with a loaded brush or a palette knife. My subject was found while on a plein air-painting trip toCharleston,  South Carolina (truly a beautiful city).

I also want to share with you my current article in the June issue of the Artist Magazineentitled “From a Rock to a Soft Place”, the article shows and explains in detail from beginning to end how I paint employing this technique, I’m very proud of the article, and I hope you all can get to see it.

Within this issue there is an article of a very good friend of mine, Burt Silverman, who I feel is one of the finest painters in the country.I want to point out also  in this issue there is a very in-depth article on the color ”

RED“, that my friend and fellow artist Michael Chesley Johnson wrote.I hope you enjoy receiving this, feedback is always welcome.