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The Pastel/Drawing Category

“Mother Tree”  by Albert Handell
Pastel painted on location 16”x20”

Hi all,
I wish to announce a prize that I received recently for my pastel “Mother Tree” in the drawing category  of a rather substantial regional annual exhibition. I appreciated the award but I was amazed that even today my pastel received the award in the drawing category!

This is another good example of why I donated to IAPS (International Association of Pastel Societies) a Semi-Annual Albert Handell $500 Award for the memory of Flora B. Giffuni.

For it is Flora who single-handedly put pastel into a category and onto the map. 

Flora 43 years ago started the Pastel Society of America, NYC and all Pastel Societies that exist now followed. I was honored to be one of the first judges of that initial exhibition, which opened at the National Arts Club. I met Flora there and then and we became good friends.

We now take pastel as an accepted and respected painting medium, before Flora’s involvement with pastel, trust me that was not the case. I have to ask myself and anybody who is willing to listen: When one works with 300 or more colors, how can it possibly be a drawing? Is it still considered a drawing because it was not painted with a brush?

It’s true, that for me one of the special qualities I find working with pastel is that I can draw and paint simultaneously.

As regards the pastel “Mother Tree”,  it was painted on location during a workshop in Dawsonville GA, on a beautiful farm that had endless subject matter. “Mother Tree”  was painted on U-Art paper 500 grit, mounted onto 4 ply museum rag board.

When I saw this beautiful tree against the “blue” sky, it took my breath away. Aspects of the painting was to weave the beauty of the tree in and out of the background sky. If you view this blue sky from top to bottom you will see a variation of color but not a variation of value. I hope you enjoy the work.