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Yosemite Holiday


So can you guess from the first photo, our destination choice?  Yes…YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK,  and all her magnificent grandness!

Albert and I have talked about the park  for years and wanted to share  her splendor with each other,  and now is the time!

One of the most spectacular sights of the park, that Albert  dreams about is the YOSEMITE FALLS…so we definitely visited “his” falls the first day, and the last day as well.  Absolutely magnificent, “take-your-breath-away-gorgeous”!  It is truly  the most powerful of all the experiences in  the park.

We photographed that first day and yet..too many folks to set up our easels and paint.   However, we DID set up our easels daily at the home of our gracious and illustrious hosts, Ginny and Jeff Burdick.  An amazing property, incredible meals and very inspirational and informative conversations…dear friends indeed!

Amazing what is experienced in the quietude of nature…. all the senses are stimulated… and so alive. And the giant granite formations, domes and peaks swelling rising above the floor, the rock landscape so varied in sculpture….a true feeling of respect and humility.  A most impressive creation!

We just wanted to share the visions and the joy of our holiday. Isn’t it always exciting to load “the visions of nature” within our imagination to draw from at will?

Albert’s Pastel

Jeanine’s Pastel

Jeanine & Albert