Bastrop, TX Workshop – April 24-28, 2017 – SOLD OUT Comments Off on Bastrop, TX Workshop – April 24-28, 2017 – SOLD OUT

Bastrop, TX Workshop – April 24-28, 2017 – SOLD OUT

The studio is centrally located, in a picturesque area of Bastrop

Join Albert Handell in this exciting 5 Day Indoor/Outdoor Painting Workshop held at the Lost Pines Art Center and Reflective Sculpture Garden in Bastrop, Texas.


The Semi-Annual IAPS Convention, Albuquerque, NM – June 7-11, 2017 Comments Off on The Semi-Annual IAPS Convention, Albuquerque, NM – June 7-11, 2017

The Semi-Annual IAPS Convention, Albuquerque, NM – June 7-11, 2017

Some wonderful news for 2017!

The Semi-Annual IAPS (International Association of Pastel Society) Convention opens Wednesday June 7 and closes Sunday June 11 at the Albuquerque Hotel located in the heart of Albuquerque New Mexico.


Santa Fe Summer Garden Painting Workshop – June 12-14, 2017 Comments Off on Santa Fe Summer Garden Painting Workshop – June 12-14, 2017

Santa Fe Summer Garden Painting Workshop – June 12-14, 2017

IAPS opens Wednesday through Sunday. What are you doing Monday?



Boulder, CO (PAAC) Workshop- September 9-11, 2017 Comments Off on Boulder, CO (PAAC) Workshop- September 9-11, 2017


Saturday, September 9 – Monday, September 11, 2017



AIS Park City, Utah – September 25-27, 2017 Comments Off on AIS Park City, Utah – September 25-27, 2017

Join Albert Handell for this 3 Day Indoor and En Plein Air Painting Workshop, with a special rate for American Impressionist Society (AIS) members.

Monday, September 25- Wednesday, September 27, 2017.


3 Santa Fe WINTER OIL Painting Workshops for 2018 Comments Off on 3 Santa Fe WINTER OIL Painting Workshops for 2018

3 Santa Fe WINTER OIL Painting Workshops for 2018

Each workshop is limited to 9 participants
EACH WORKSHOP IS 3 DAYS over a weekend, Friday through Sunday

☐ January 27-29
☐ February 24-26
☐ March 24-26

Enrollment for January, February and March is open at this time. These winter oil painting workshops sell out quickly.
Most artists paint in oils, you are welcome to paint in oils or the medium of your choice. i.e. pastels

• The studio opens daily at 9AM for your convenience.
• 9:30am-noon Oil Demo
• Lunch
• 1:00-4:30pm Painting in the studio with help at the easel
• 7PM Optional dinner at a fine and fun local restaurant to celebrate as a group (individual checks please- for all dinners)

• 9:30am -noon An oil painting demo followed by Albert’s unique color theory explained and demonstrated. Always time for questions and answers
• Lunch
• 1:00 pm – 4:30pm Painting with Albert’s help at the easel
• 7:00pm Optional Dinner celebrated at one of Albert and Jeanine’s favorite restaurants featuring Southwest Cuisine

• 9:30am -noon oil demonstration using his principals of modifying colors so you can obtain beautiful and exciting color and eliminate muddy colors
• Lunch
• 1:00pm – 4:30pm Painting with help at the easel, afternoon includes individual farewell critique.
• 7:00pm  Farewell dinner


Choose which workshop you want to attend:
☐ January
☐ February
☐ March


A $200 non-refundable tuition deposit is required to sign up for the workshop. All registrations and receipts are handled through Albert Handell office, we accept all credit cards. Studio/Office: 505-983-8373; Cell: 505-603-1524 (texting)

If paying by check please include your phone number and your email address on your check, make it out to Albert Handell and mail it out to:

PO Box 9070, Santa Fe, NM 87504

The Handell Office will email you your receipt. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Handell Office directly.

Actual demonstration OIL 18×24”


Santa Fe has a wide range of wonderful accommodations, which vary in price.

My first recommendation for a reasonably priced yet charming inn is the El Rey Inn. This hotel, which was built in 1973, has that special Old Santa Fe charm. Visit their website ( or call 505-982-1931 to make reservations.
The El Rey Inn offers a 10% discount for AAA or AARP, and an “El Rey Passport” which offers a free night for every five nights booked.

Another lovely yet reasonably priced option is The Sage Inn. This hotel is located next door to a large Whole Foods store and the Railyard Arts District. Reservations can be made via their website ( or by phone at 505-982-5952.

For a complete listing of accommodations, please visit the Chamber of Commerce website:


Please bring your portable easel to paint with and in the case of inclement weather, please bring some of your favorite photographs to work from. (Albert will have a wide choice available to also choose from)

If you are flying to the workshop and need Gamsol or Turpenoid, please contact the studio and we will arrange for its purchase and we will have it for you when you arrive.
The Handell Office will also help you with the return of your wet paintings.

What Art Supplies Should the Oil Painter Bring?

If you are painting in oils, bring the colors, and the surface that you are accustomed to painting with. Albert suggests the Source Tek Panels: telephone them at 800.587.5462 or visit their website: They have Claussen Linen #66 glued to light weight Birch plywood – in different sizes. They are strong and lightweight. The recommended sizes for indoor oils are 14 x 18”, 16 x 20”, 18 x 24”. Choose the sizes that you are most comfortable painting on.

A Suggested List of Oil Colors:

Mr. Handell paints large oils during the winter months in the studio. He uses Turpenoid as his paint medium, especially at the beginning, since these works are larger and call for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th painting sessions. He will then use Winsor Newton Liquin (provided in the studio), very sparingly as his paint medium. He applies paint combining both brush and palette knife applications of color.
His Oil Palette is listed below:
(your oil palette may be different, and that is fine)
Titanium White W/N (Winsor Newton)
Naples Yellow W/N
Cadmium Lemon W/N
Cadmium Yellow W/N
Cadmium Orange W/N
Cadmium Red Light W/N
Permanent Alizarin Crimson W/N
Yellow Ocher Light W/N
Burnt Sienna W/N
Viridian (Green) W/N
Cobalt Blue W/N
Ultra-Marine Blue W/N
Ivory Black W/N

Those colors are optional – bring what you normally paint with, all brands are good.

Brushes: Select your favorite brushes and palette knives – the ones that you use most often, bring them with you

A complete listing of recommended art supplies can be found by clicking the link below:

Suggested Art Supplies

Carmel, CA Workshop – May 7-11, 2018 Comments Off on Carmel, CA Workshop – May 7-11, 2018

Carmel, CA Workshop – May 7-11, 2018

Join Albert Handell in this exciting 5-day indoor/outdoor painting workshop. In the morning demonstration you will see and learn what to select and emphasize and what to play down or even take out of your paintings in order to make a strong design statement, and work sensibly towards finish. It will be an opportunity to see how a Master Artist works in a studio setting and on location. The studio demonstrations will clearly show how Albert perfects his PLEIN AIR studies and brings life to his large oil paintings from photographs and pastels painted on location. The workshop is geared to all levels of artists of the landscape and the still life, who have some experience working in pastels, oils, or water media

There are four daily morning demonstrations, from 9:30 AM to noon; all demos are from start to finish. 3 of the 4 demonstrations are in the studio – The 4th is on location (en plein air)

Albert Handell Workshop Schedule

Monday demo (9:30-noon) is a unique mixed media pastel demonstration, starting with watercolor as an under painting, finishing with pastel.
LUNCH (noon – 1pm)
Monday afternoon we will all paint in the studio (1-4:30PM) with help at the easel. Albert finds spending the first day of the workshop in the studio extremely beneficial for learning. For what he explains or demonstrates to one participant the rest of the workshop participants can hear and see and learn at the same time.
Bring your favorite photos or use Albert’s.

Tuesday demo 1st oil painting demonstration starting with a transparent monochromatic under painting (using Vandyke brown, finishing in full color), employing palette knife and vigorous brush work, he paints till finish. The finished oils have a special textual quality.
LUNCH (noon – 1pm)
Tuesday afternoon painting on location (1-4:30PM) with help at the easel

Wednesday — Morning demo, weather permitting, we will paint en plein air all day (bring a lunch bag). Albert will demonstrate and paint with pastel in the morning, and give individual help at the easel for the rest of the day.
Wednesday evening — optional (7-9pm) workshop dinner at a local restaurant, with more talk about art (individual checks please)

Thursday , second oil painting demonstration: this time starting with a full color transparent under painting, finishing with opaque oils, applied with broad brush strokes and palette knife till finish.
LUNCH (noon – 1pm)
Thursday afternoon (1-4:30pm) we will paint on location, with help at the easel.

Friday morning there is a farewell in-depth critique and information on how for you to continue with your painting after the workshop ends; this important information will be offered to every artist. His online individual mentoring program will be explained in detail.
Please bring to the studio what you have painted during the week, plus 6-8 works (or photos or computer images) you have painted previous to the workshop.
LUNCH (noon – 1pm)
Friday afternoon ( 1-4:30 pm) we will stay in the studio and finish the works we have started on location, with help at the easel.

To sign up, please view this link:
All registration is handled by Rich Brimer, at Carmel Visual Arts

Carmel Visual Arts
Barnyard Shopping Village
3694 The Barnyard, F22
Carmel, CA 93923
Rich’s Cell (831) 620-2955

Franklin, TN Workshop – POSTPONED UNTIL FEBRUARY, 2018 Comments Off on Franklin, TN Workshop – POSTPONED UNTIL FEBRUARY, 2018

5 Day Indoor/Outdoor Painting Workshop Program in Franklin, Tennessee. POSTPONED UNTIL FEBRUARY 2018.