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Taos, NM Mentoring Program – October 1-7, 2017

Come Paint-A-Long with Albert Handell during his annual mentoring program in Taos, New Mexico.


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Sunday, October 1 (half-day, begins in afternoon) – Saturday October 7, 2017 (to farewell dinner)
Enrollment is strictly limited – Tuition $975

Scroll down for instructions on how to enroll in this Mentoring Program.

TAOS, NM 87571
575-758-2275 or 800-522-4462

Join Albert for his annual Taos Paint-A-Long mentoring program. Albert has often painted there, and knows Taos and its surrounding areas intimately.

Taos and its area has wonderful subject matter to paint varying from the picturesque Taos Plaza, the farm/ranch museum at the Hacienda De Los Martinez, Wheeler Peak (highest mountain in New Mexico) and the fantastic Rio Grande gorge to list just some of the extensive subject matter available.


Albert Handell

Albert has many years in exhibiting, judging and jurying nationwide shows and exhibitions. As an important part of this program, he will share success tips gleaned from this behind the scenes experience. These tips will be surprising and valuable in helping you build your own career.

Many of the aspiring artists who work with me are ready for  “THE NEXT STEP” . What is the next step and how to get there? Help is given to each artist during the evenings in the mentoring part of the program, Career Building – Discussed and explained in Detail in the evenings Albert will also explain how he has built his career and give you important insights and information on how to build your own career.

Some of the valuable information covered:

  • How to find and get into a gallery and what to expect from your gallery
  • What describes a good gallery; what is your obligation to your gallery
  • What regional and/or national shows should one enter as a Pastelist and or as an oil Painter.
  • What to do if you are accepted or if you receive a prize
  • How is networking done? Why is it important? Albert will give eye-opening examples.
  • The importance of “Being-in-Print”; and how to go about getting into print. How and when to contact the editor.
  • What makes up an impressive portfolio
  • What strengthens it or what weakens a portfolio
  • How to organize your office and how to interweave it with your painting
  • The tax advantages of declaring yourself an Artist no matter how many paintings you do or do not sell during the year (this alone could be worth the tuition itself)
  • Should I join a co-op gallery? What makes up a meaningful co-op gallery. What makes a useless co-op.
  • All this presented to you in the evenings after the day’s painting plus much more.
  • All questions are answered in detail
  • Spouses and significant others are welcome at all times

This is the program that so many of you have requested. It is different from my workshops for in this program we will all paint together during the day, every day both in the morning and afternoon.

  • During the afternoon painting sessions, Albert will give help at the easel (optional). Each evening, we will have our critique of the day’s painting and continued in-depth instruction and information on career-building.
  • FRIDAY EVENING WE WILL HAVE OUR FINAL FAREWELL IN-DEPTH CRITIQUE. Please bring 6 or 8 previous works- originals, photos or digital images. Bring these along with everything painted during the week.
  • Everything that you can show Albert at this time will be helpful to him in helping you. He will not only help you with your individual paintings, he will also give you important information (homework) in order for you to paint more clearly after the workshop.
  • SATURDAY WILL BE free time to visit the Fechin Museum in Taos and the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe. Albert will give you a list of his favorite Santa Fe galleries as well (Santa Fe is the second or the third largest art market in the country and has a strong emphasis on realistic painting).
  • We will then meet at 5 PM at Albert’s studio for an eye-opening visit to a successful, established artist’s studio and home.
  • Our final farewell dinner at 7:30 PM will be at the Rio Chama Steakhouse, 414 Old Santa Fe Trail, 505-955-0765 (individual checks, please).


You may need accommodations for Saturday night in Santa Fe—or longer if you wish. If you have never visited Santa Fe, believe me, it is well worth a visit.

Accommodations are plentiful—with the less expensive choices located along Cerrillos Road. The charming old El Rey Inn  (located at 1862 Cerrillos, 505-982-1931) is recommended. 

For a list of other hotels, motels, B&B’s and Casitas, contact the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce at (505)983-7317 or their website  www.santafechamber.com or you may try www.santafe.org.

One of our painting subjects


To ensure that this week is the most beneficial for each participant, this Come Paint-A-Long with Albert Handell Mentoring Program is limited in size to 16 artists or less and is never cancelled, making the ratio of artists to Mr. Handell rare and attractive.

This program will also allow you to glean many important subtleties that are not usually dealt with in a workshop. Working side by side intimately with an experienced successful artist, you will see and learn in a unique way what to emphasize and, more importantly, what to leave out of a painting.

The enrollment is limited to 16 artists or less – and it’s all painting!

The tuition is $975.00.

Taos Valley en route to John Dunn Bridge


To enroll in this Menoring Program, please contact the Handell Studio/Office directly. All major credit cards are accepted.

Phone: 505-983-8373 / 505-603-1524
Email: alberthandell@msn.com / albert@alberthandell.com

PLEASE REALIZE THAT Enrollment is strictly limited and spaces for our program will fill up quickly, RESERVE YOUR SPACE AT THIS TIME! A non-refundable deposit of $175.00 is required to register.

We will appreciate receiving the $800.00 tuition balance due on your tuition by August 1, 2017, two months before the first day of the workshop. Receipt of the full tuition prior to the workshop will help us avoid overbooking.

These are two of the locations we will paint in Taos.

(NOTE: There will not be any art supplies for sale at the workshop. Please bring what you may need or you may ship them to the Kachina Lodge. Please call them in advance at 575.758.2275, or contact your own hotel if you are staying elsewhere. )


Our artist friendly refund policy is as follows: A full refund minus the $175.00 nonrefundable tuition deposit is offered to you for any reason, at any time, until ONE MONTH PRIOR to the first day of the workshop, on September 1, 2017. 

Due to the very small class size, no cash or credit card refunds can be offered after this date.

If an emergency does arise and you can’t attend, you will have an $800 tuition credit available for you to use at any Albert Handell Paint-A-Long Mentoring or Workshop Program at any time within the next two years.

Kachina Lodge inner courtyard


We will meet Sunday, October 1 at 5:oo pm until 7:00 pm in the Sundance Conference Room at the Kachina Lodge. This will be our Workshop Studio for the week.

Albert will explain some important information on portability in order to paint En Plein Air for both pastels and oils. He will also give an overview of the entire week and start his discussion on career building. And he will hand out directions and maps to the painting locations.

At 7:00 pm we will adjourn for our first get-together dinner at the Hopi-Tewa Restaurant in the Lodge (individual checks please).

1109 Don Gaspar Avenue, Albert’s Studio


The studio and recommended accommodations are at the Kachina Lodge.

Albert and Jeanine will be staying at the Best Western Kachina Lodge, located in Taos at 413 Paseo del Pueblo Norte; the telephone number is 575-758-2275.

Accommodations at the Kachina Lodge (rates):

(rates from 2016, for 2017 the rates might increase by max. 10%):


Our workshop studio is there.

Staying at the same inn reminds Albert of the wonderful experience he had in France, when everyone stayed at the Chateau Du Soudin near the medieval town of St. Savin in France. We had a small group of artists, we painted every day, wined and dined and talked art in the evenings. It would be equally special if we all could stay at the Best Western Kachina Lodge, however, there are fine accommodations all over Taos and Taos is such a small town that one is not obligated to stay at the Kachina Lodge.

For other accommodations contact the Taos Chamber of Commerce at their telephone number; 575.758.3873 or www.taoschamber.com. There is also Taos Central Reservations, who offer a great variety of lodging from a cozy apartment, to a large house or even a B & B. They can be reached at telephone number 1.800.821.2437 or visit their website: www.taoscentralreservations.com.

Are spouses welcome?

Yes, participating artists are welcome to bring along their partners and/or significant others. Their attendance is encouraged. The dynamics of this intimate group setting and interaction will surely be appreciated by the spouse. Spouses are welcome at all times. Yes, there is plenty to do while the artists paint. It is the perfect opportunity to visit Taos, experience the northern New Mexico culture and mountains, hike, shop, fish or simply relax and enjoy the quiet beauty of the area. Significant others are welcome to join us while we are on location painting and certainly at the evening critiques, and for the final Saturday Santa Fe excursion.

IF YOU ARE ARRIVING BY AIR, IT MAKES THE MOST SENSE TO FLY INTO ALBUQUERQUE. If you live in one of the few places that has service to Santa Fe, then you might explore that option. The Albuquerque Sunport is a major airport with several choices of rental car companies. Taos is a delightful 2 ½ to 3 hour drive to the north.


  • Go North on Hwy # I-25 to Santa Fe
  • As you enter Santa Fe, take the first exit – The Relief Route Hwy # 599 N (it bypasses the traffic in Santa Fe and will shorten your trip a bit)
  • Stay on Highway # 599 N until it dead-ends at Hwy. 285 North – turn left.
  • Continue North on Hwy. 285.
  • Go straight through Espanola – Rt. 68 joins Hwy 285 there (do not turn left on 285) – go straight, follow Rt. 68 out of Espanola Route 68 is sometimes known as the ‘Low Road’ or ‘River Road’ to Taos
  • Continue North on 68 enjoying the scenery along the Rio Grande River
  • Rt 68 takes you straight into Taos
  • Once in Taos, the name changes from 68 North to Paseo del Pueblo South
  • Continue a short distance straight into Taos
  • The Best Western Kachina Lodge is located at the North end of Taos and is on the right, 413 Paseo del Pueblo Norte


To see the complete list of art supplies recommended by Albert Handell, please click the button below.

Suggested Art Supplies

We look forward to a wonderful and productive time together! – Albert & Jeanine