August 2015 Cover of Pastel Journal – Pastel by Katherine Irish Comments Off on August 2015 Cover of Pastel Journal – Pastel by Katherine Irish

August 2015 Cover of Pastel Journal – Pastel by Katherine Irish

“Mentoring with Albert Handell has been a huge step toward a life long quest to grow as an artist. There are so many facets involved in this very important relationship.

First, I have learned how and where to challenge myself under Albert’s guidance. He imparts a very clear way of seeing and constructing a painting. As a studio painter, I have found it important to paint on location. I have come to appreciate the challenge and growth that comes through plein air painting. I have learned how to look for compositions, the use of line to create rhythms, simplifying forms, the importance of laying in values and the richness in using multiple colors of the same value. When Albert demonstrates, the pure joy of creating beauty comes through. Each stroke is relished and is considered an essential building block of the painting. There is care and planning taken in the pressure and direction of each application. He also emphasizes to focus in and develop the strengths that are in the painting. Understanding this approach has begun to alleviate a lot of struggle.

Secondly, Albert has been very helpful in teaching me how to promote my work. In the past two years, I have been accepted into multiple juried shows across the country and have won awards. These steps will help others look at me seriously as an artist. Albert also introduced my work to Anne Hevener, Editor of the Pastel Journal. She agreed to write an article and used one of my images on the cover of the August 2015 issue.

Thirdly and most important, is the friendship and warmth that has been extended to me and my husband. Albert is both genuine and caring with his students and generous in the knowledge that he shares. I trust Albert implicitly and feel blessed to count him and Jeanine as friends. Three years ago, I made an intention to find someone who would be an effective mentor. I took a workshop with Albert and marveled at his mastery of drawing and painting with pastel.
I took the leap when I joined his mentoring program and the rest represents the beginning of a very important senpai/ kohai relationship that will last a life time.”

With the greatest sincerity,

Katherine Irish
July 2015