Tucson Workshop Experience by Cathy McFarland Harvey Comments Off on Tucson Workshop Experience by Cathy McFarland Harvey

I have just completed a four day workshop with 12 other students at the Tucson Art Academy with Albert Handell.  I am so energized.  It was a expansive artistic experience.

The first morning we met at the Academy studio and  Albert laid out the plans for the four days.  Four days packed full of learning and experimenting.  Albert shared with us some basic principles that he follows such as– Value matching, hard and soft edges, pastel box layout, and so forth.  Over lunch we talked about his travels and background training.   That afternoon we went to the Southwest painter’s, DeGrazzio, former home and museum nestled in the Catalina foothills.  Albert worked with each of us individually as we chose a site and began painting. Most of us were pastel painters with a few oil painters.  In late afternoon, we gathered  around for a critique of our work.  Albert zeroed in on our strengths and gave excellent criticism.

The next morning we met early in the studio for an oil painting demonstration,  again emphasizing, color and composition.  That afternoon we headed for Catalina state Park looking eastward at the Catalina’s.  We  painted for a few hours followed by critique.  In the evening  we brought examples of our previous works for Albert to assess and give suggestions for improvement.  He again zeroed in on our strengths and really urged us to work to our strengths. Albert shared a slide show of many of his paintings and the techniques used in painting each painting. The next day Albert gave a pastel demo and we headed again for DeGrazzio’s studio.

The last day we met early in the morning at Aqua Caliente State Park where we painted along with Albert as he mentored us in our compositions and techniques. The spot was an oasis in the desert and we certainly enjoyed basking in the sunshine with incredible views of mountains and water.  That evening we gathered for a goodbye dinner at a local restaurant.  We all were so upbeat and  thrilled by the terrific experience we had with this master painter.

Cathy McFarland Harvey
Oro Valley, Arizona