Monk Tree by Doug Tweddale 0

Monk Tree by Doug Tweddale

My winning painting…is a pastel with a watercolor background. I painted it in my back yard on a spring day. I was drawn to the shape of the tree and the light of the sun on the cherry bark – it shimmered. When I finished the painting I saw what looks like a monk in a robe in a processional- so I used that for the title….

Letter from Doug…

Hello Albert,

Yes, dear friends is good.  As I have matured I now know how important and special dear friends are.  We share a love of art and a wonderful friendly connection. I don’t know if I ever told you about my Uncle Lester. He was an oil painter living on the shores of Lake Michigan. He loved to paint the water and the dunes. I would paint with him as often as I could starting at age 10. He even took me to meet his mentor – an artist living in Brown County, IN named Steele.  Lester encouraged me to enter a sketch of a young girl playing a lute in an art show when I was 13. I got an honorable mention.  I first saw the art world through this all and Lester became a wonderful role model and mentor for me.  You have become that for me.  I saw your work and I just knew I could learn from you – your work inspired me and still does.  After meeting you and experiencing your warm open heart (like my Uncle)I knew we could be friends also.  I have a feeling we will be friends until we kick.  You do not really know how inspirational you have been to me – so I am letting you know. I have built my next life and career around the progress I have made with your help and instruction. Yes, it took allot or work on my part and much focus, but you have been there with the next steps and with encouragement all along. I have gained so much joy from doing my art, and now I am looking forward to a life of retirement from the business world into art. To me that is priceless. Another big thank you friend.

I have not yet done a photo with my camera of your painting. I will do that soon and send it to you.

Enjoy the day.  Talk to you soon.

Doug Tweddale
North Wales, PA