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Hi Albert,

Here is what we spoke about in our last mentoring session quote;

“I am  struggling with these pieces because this landscape is all completely new –  the light is all new to me.  I had lived in Alaska for 22 years – now that I have moved to Michigan I am still searching for the places to paint and how to capture this light…. Even though I have painted for 25 years some days when I pick up the brush it it feels so awkward, as if I don’t know how to paint. Paintings in the studio become tight and lifeless.   This is one of the reasons I am very grateful for your mentoring program – my hope is that it will help me move through this period and find a voice in painting that is true and clear.”

Congratulations on the Bronze Medal for Oil Painters of America.  “L’Arbre”  – it is a beautiful portrait of a wonderful tree.

Thank you for your guidance and critique of my work. The time spent mentoring with you has been invaluable.  I wish that it was possible for me to meet with you in person during one of your mentoring programs.  At the moment it is not – but Lord willing someday perhaps.  But for now the mentoring time with you long distance and your guidance is so much appreciated.

All the best,
Ellen Harney