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I feel compelled to write today about the upcoming workshop in April being taught by one of art’s living legends Albert Handell. Albert stands without peer as a pastellist and is equal in standing to any other living artist in any medium of his choosing.  But when it comes to pastel he defines the genre.  He is incomparable.

I have had the privilege to work with Albert in the field on location, in his personal studio in Santa Fe, and in rented hotel rooms set up as makeshift studios.  Regardless of the teaching conditions he has always been inspiring and professional.  He is completely focused on his work and the students in his charge as he provides an invaluable learning experience to all attending.  One is completely mesmerized watching him transform life into art.  He is always immersed in his art and he shares everything with his students.

Albert is not an entertainer, he is a teacher. His advice and observations are direct and thoughtful.  Students will need to be prepared to receive his knowledge and be open and willing to learn.  And learn you will.  Just watching a two hour demo is like taking a one day workshop with anyone else. And indeed we have had some great teachers through our association in Austin. No one compares to Albert Handell.

So here it is… If anyone will ever take another pastel workshop in their life it should be from Albert Handell.  The man is 80 years old, he comes to Texas very infrequently, the workshop is for FIVE DAYS, opportunities to sit at the feet of a master will only happen a few times, especially in your own backyard!


Please take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.  I will see you all there!


Mike Etie