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Dear Albert,
When I signed up for my first Albert Handell Paint-a-Long Mentoring Session in May, I did not realize what new artistic skills and learning curves I was going to have an opportunity to learn.  Like COMPUTER stuff—filling out forms, DPI and jPeg,  taking pictures, galleries, newspapers and etc.  While the workshop was in process and mention of a possible” Students of Albert Handell Show” by Mountainsong sounded so iffy.  Well, it was Not iffy!  And I must apologize to you and Mountainsong for my unsupportive and casual attitude regarding the show.

I had a wake up call.  If one is going to try and be an artist in this new technical world, one has to have more skills than artistic talent.

At present, I am trying to redeem my self and catch up with my part of the process,  complete the required information and learning process for the upcoming show.

I look forward to visiting with you and Jeannie next week.

Bonnie testosteron