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Dear Albert,
Thanks for the recent e-mail. I especially enjoyed your little write up about your experience at Grand Marais, Minnesota. I had put $200.00 down in October prior to that paint along the following fall, but then gas prices went up and my budget did not allow me to make the long trip from Kalamazoo, Michigan, so I was forced to cancel. All of these years since, I’ve have dreamed about what might have been.

I was fortunate to have viewed your one man exhibition at Youngstown, Ohio which occurred about that time and I was almost put into a trance as I gazed upon the work! There are a very few of my colleagues left from the Kalamazoo Area Pastel Society who still reminisce about the three day workshop you gave here in Kalamazoo at Nazareth College about 33 years ago. At that time you were living in NY. You actually came to my studio at that time when you were in town, since I was one of the key people organizing that event. I tell my students that Albert Handell actually stood at this easel. They are impressed, of course.

I continue to paint in pastel, do some teaching (but always feel like I don’t know much, especially as I learn more about my favorite medium which I have been using since I was in grade school; I will be 70 in February). I plan to live to be 100 so maybe we can make a deal: you live to be 100, offer a paint along reasonably close to Kalamazoo, and maybe we can meet again!

I offer you the best: good health, longevity, happy painting and best of luck with your new found love!

Kalamazoo, MI