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Mendocino/Fort Bragg, CA – August 12th-18th, 2012

Come Paint-a-Long With Albert Handell

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Sunday August 12th, – Saturday, August 18th, 2012
Tuition: $975.00
Limited to 14 artists
Phone: 530-223-6049; email:

Accommodations and Studio Location: Harbor Lite Lodge
120 North Harbor Drive, Fort/Bragg, CA 95437
800-643-2700 or 707-964-0221

Dear Artists,

I am pleased to announce that my Come Paint Along With Albert Handell Mentoring Program has taken a giant step forward. Starting in 2006, I began offering in France and in select locations within the United States The Albert Handell Mentoring Paint-A-Long Program. This is the program that so many of you have requested. It is an exciting program different from my workshops. In this program we will all paint together during the day, every day both in the morning and afternoon. In the evening, we will have our critique of the day’s painting and continued instruction. This program includes unique and valuable information on career-building. This program is never cancelled; enrolled artists will be limited to 14 participating artists or less.

How is the Mentoring Program different from a typical painting workshop?

You will paint all day every day both morning and afternoon. Each day we will all paint together at designated locations that Mr. Handell knows intimately and each evening we will meet to review the day’s painting and have our nightly critiques and suggestions for the next day’s painting – all teaching and the explanation of career building will be kept to the evenings.

Career Building – Discussed and explained in Detail in the evenings:

In this Paint-A-Long Mentoring Program, Albert will explain how he has built his own career and give you important insights and information on how to build your career: i.e., how to find and get into a good gallery; what is a ‘good gallery’; what to expect from your gallery; and, what is your obligation to your gallery, etc. Also covered: What regional and/or national shows should one enter as a pastelist or as an oil painter? The importance of “Being-in-Print”: i.e., how to go about getting into print, including both magazine articles and books; what makes up an impressive portfolio; should I join a co-op and what makes a good co-op; how to organize your office, the tax advantages of declaring yourself an artist even though sales of paintings may be minimal or none at all. This part of the program alone can be worth the price of the program many times over. Yet there is much, much more – all presented to you in the evenings after the day’s painting.

Will Albert actually paint with us?

Yes, The Come Paint-A-Long Program is designed to be a very productive and enjoyable week. While residing in close proximity, or in the same hotel, the participating artists will experience Albert as he paints along with you, allowing one to watch and understand the complete process from the start to the middle stages and to completion. Working side by side intimately with an experienced artist, you will realize and learn in a unique way, by taking in the whole process of living and painting full time. Intense painting and yet relaxing gatherings day and evening will give each artist a special view into the working world of a successful living Master. It will allow you to glean many important subtleties that are not usually dealt with in a workshop, such as how to evaluate a painting while in progress, how to proceed and develop and finish a painting without stumbling about questions like: what should I focus in on first, what’s next, how do I proceed to finish etc? You will also learn how to choose the subject matter that’s most personal and important to you, how to complete the work, and much, much more.


To ensure that this week is the most beneficial for each participant, this Come Paint-A-Long with Albert Handell Mentoring Program is limited in size, to fourteen artists or less and is never cancelled, making the ratio of artists to Mr. Handell rare and attractive. This is not the normal art workshop and obviously it is not for everyone. It is open to all artists who have taken at least one workshop with Albert, or are experienced artists who wish to join Albert in this next important step and unique painting adventure. If you haven’t previously studied with Albert, please feel free to email or call him. He would like to hear of your painting experience. Thank you.

Are spouses welcome?

Yes, participating artists are welcome to bring along their partners and/or significant others. Their attendance is encouraged. The dynamics of this intimate group and ultimate setting will surely be appreciated by the spouse. There is plenty to do while the artists paint. It is the perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy the California Coast, enjoy good fishing, play golf, play tennis, swim, hike, shop or simply enjoy the quiet beauty of the area. Mates are welcome to join us while we are on location painting and certainly at the evening critiques, and for the final Saturday morning farewell critique.

Albert’s Paint-A-Long Mentoring Program is like having a two week workshop, because there is double the painting time, and so much more can be accomplished. Consecutive painting days create an opportunity to experience a breakthrough and realize insightful growth.

Remember the enrollment is limited to 14 artists – and it’s all painting!



Enrollment is strictly limited and spaces will fill up quickly. So don’t hesitate to reserve your space. To sign up, please call the Albert Handell Studio at 505-983-8373, or contact him by email:  A deposit with any credit card is preferred (MC/VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS card). The tuition for this Paint-A-Long Mentoring Program is $975.00. A non-refundable deposit of $175.00 is required to register. If you prefer to pay by check, please email or call first to make sure there is an opening before you mail in your check. Then make your check payable to Albert Handell and send it to:

Albert Handell
PO Box 9070
Santa Fe, NM 87504-9070

A map to the workshop studio will be sent to you with your receipt. We will appreciate receiving the $800.00 tuition balance due on your tuition by June 12, 2012, two months before the first day of the workshop. Receipt of the full tuition prior to the workshop will help us from overbooking.


Our customer friendly refund policy is as follows: A full refund minus the $175.00 nonrefundable deposit is offered to you for any reason, at any time, until June 14, two months prior to the first day of the workshop. Due to the very rare and low artist/student ratio, no cash or credit card refunds can be offered after this date. But, if an emergency does arise and you can’t attend, it’s understandable that no cash refund will be given, but you will have an $800 tuition credit available for you to use at any Paint-A-Long Mentoring Program for the following two years.

The Week at a Glance:

We will meet Sunday, August 12, at 4 PM in the Studio Workshop at the Harbor Lite Lodge. 4:30 PM Albert will explain some important information on portability in order to paint En Plein Air for both pastels and oils, also an overview of the entire week and also he will hand out directions and maps to the painting locations. At 6:00 P.M. we will adjourn for our first get-together dinner (individual checks) at a nearby restaurant.


The studio and recommended accommodations are at the Harbor Lite Lodge.
The Harbor Lite Lodge, a very nice Lodge, has offered us a group discount rate of 15% off of their normal prices; for either a single or double, the special rate stays the same. This includes an “enhanced” continental breakfast.

Rooms with a view and a KING size bed is $129.00 +tax; a double room with a view is $119.00+tax, all other rooms without a view is $99.00+tax. These are their normal rates; we will receive a 15% group rate discount on these rates – please view their website.

To reserve accommodations:

To make your reservation, please contact the Harbor Lite Lodge directly to get the group rate, mention you are part of the Albert Handell Workshop.


Will there be Art Supplies that I can purchase at the Workshop.

NO, there won’t be any, please bring or ship in advance whatever art supplies you may need.

What Art Supplies should the Pastel Artist Bring?

If you are painting in pastel, and you are driving, bring all the pastels that you have and the pastel papers that you like to paint on – plus a few light weight drawing boards i.e., made of foam core or gator board or any light weight material. Albert likes to use the Kitty Wallis Sanded Paper in both white and their Belgium Mist grey tone, and he prefers the 12×18” size, which comes in pads of eight sheets, but if you wish to work on a smaller size, these pads are also available in 9×12” sheets. Albert also works on the new U-Art Sanded Papers 500P and 600P grits, also 12 x 18”. These are very handy pads for pasteling on location, and can be purchased from Dakota Art Supplies (they only sell pastel supplies) at 888.345.0067.

What Art Supplies Should the Oil Painter Bring?

If you are painting in oils, bring the colors that you are accustomed to painting with, plus at least 12 or more canvases or canvas panels to paint on. Albert suggests the Source Tek Panels: telephone them at 800.587.5462 or visit their website: They have Claussen Linen #66 glued to light weight Birch plywood – in different sizes. They are strong and lightweight. The recommended sizes are 9 x 12”, 11 x 14”, 12 x 16”, 14 x 18”, or 16 x 20”. Choose the sizes that you are most comfortable painting on.

A Suggested List of Oil Colors:

Mr. Handell paints large oils during the winter months in the studio. He uses Turpenoid as his paint medium, especially at the beginning, since these works are larger and call for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th painting sessions. He will then use Winsor Newton Liquin, very sparingly as his paint medium. He applies paint combining both brush and palette knife applications of color. His Oil Palette is listed below: (your oil palette may be different, and that is fine)

  • Titanium White W/N (Winsor Newton)
  • Naples Yellow W/N
  • Cadmium Lemon W/N
  • Cadmium Yellow W/N
  • Cadmium Orange W/N
  • Cadmium Red Light W/N
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson W/N
  • Yellow Ocher Light W/N
  • Burnt Sienna W/N
  • Viridian (Green) W/N
  • Cobalt Blue W/N
  • Ultra-Marine Blue W/N
  • Ivory Black W/N

Those colors are optional – bring what you normally paint with.

Albert has also added a few pre-mixed grays to his palette:

  • Holbein #369 Neutral Grey (that’s his lightest grey)
  • Holbein #374 Violet Grey (a beautiful light bluish grey)
  • Holbein #379 Monochrome tint cool (an important middle value grey)
  • Or, #379 can be substituted, if you wish, by Gamlin’s Portland Grey Deep.

If you are painting with oils, these few pre-mixed grays can be helpful.

Brushes: Select your favorite brushes – the ones that you use most often. Purchase 3 of each of these favorite brushes. Having these 3 brushes of the same size will help to keep your colors clean. One brush will be for the darks; a second will be for the middle tone colors and the third will be for the lighter colors. This way you can paint more with your favorite brush or brushes without getting muddy colors.

For Plein Air painting:

Some general outdoor supplies, no matter in what medium you are painting, are your portable easel, a hat with a wide brim, sunscreen, etc. Unfortunately umbrellas, which could be useful, are difficult to take onto airplanes.

Can I Ship My Art Supplies to the Workshop?

It is possible that the place where you are staying may be able to accept shipment of your supplies. Please call them directly to make these arrangements. Please ship by UPS or Fed Ex. Or if by the post office ships only by 3 DAY priority mail with signature required- this way you will get a tracking number.

I look forward to a wonderful week together. Mendocino/Fort Bragg and its immediate area is very beautiful, varied and very paintable.