Mystery Falls Oil Painting – 2 DVD Set (click image to preview) 0

Mystery Falls Oil Painting – 2 DVD Set (click image to preview)

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Watch listen and be inspired as Albert Handell paints the tranquil beauty of Mystery Falls. A recognized Master of the prestigious Oil Painters of America Mr. Handell shares his knowledge and painting techniques from his beginning thoughts to the finished painting. Developing the composition from several photographs he establishes the transparent washes and works up to the application of thick paint a hallmark of his oil painting style.

Mr. Handell discusses the colors that make up his palette and the techniques of painting thin to thick with clean color. See how he uses both brush and painting knife to achieve masses of harmonious color and the suggestion of details. Thinking aloud as he works Mr. Handell explains his concepts of artistic depth rushing water and the elements of nature such as rocks cliffs and trees. As the painting develops he discusses his process of orchestration and of applying the final touches. In the end all elements of the painting are integrated as the mystery behind Mr. Handells style is revealed.

Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes.

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