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Our first WINTER THREE-DAY OIL PAINTING WORKSHOP here in Albert’s studio was an amazing learning experience for every attending participant.

Albert demonstrated in oils every morning and helped every participant at their easel every afternoon. Since the workshop was in Albert’s studio, what he showed and said to each individual artist was informative to everyone.

This workshop was helpful for both the beginner oil painter (two participants “had never painted in oils before”) and experienced oil painters.


Albert opened the workshop with an oil demonstration using his monochromatic under painting technique, which eliminates color at the beginning. He paints with a brown (in this instance a Vandyke Brown) to establish the composition and the various tones, or values, of the entire painting. One purpose of painting with this technique is to eliminate the artist’s distraction or worry about applying the CORRECT COLORS at the very beginning.



“I use raw umber or Vandyke Brown using Gamsol or odorless Turpinoid as my painting medium. This mixture is scrubbed on, creating a transparent under painting. It dries quickly and then can be painted opaquely in full color soon afterwards. The transparency also has a luminous quality to the finished painting.”


IMG_0470. day 2 JPG 2jpg_edited-1

As we all experienced each and every brush stroke that Albert adds to his painting, we observe there is no wasted application of paint. Albert keeps in mind that his approach to painting in oils (or pastels) starts by painting from dark to light, and later in the painting, from cool to warm.


“Any color, even opaque colors, when scrubbed onto the surface, automatically become more transparent as the paint thins out. This also allows for a beautiful contrast for later applications of opaque knifework and heavily applied brushwork. This brings the painting to resolution in a powerful and contrasting textural way.” 2 JPGOne of the attendees, Cindy, who Albert has been mentoring, was asked to bring in and share with the group her amazing pencil drawings. These drawings were inspired by her work with Albert during his online mentoring program. During their online conversation, Cindy was painting with pastel and Albert asked her to paint tonally and eliminate the color. Enjoying the suggesting of working tonally, Cindy, on her own, focused on her drawings in pencil, which are now of a professional level, ready for exhibition. This was an eye-opening experience for everyone.


IMG_0486_edited-1This photo is from Albert’s personal photo collection, which was shown on his monitor in the studio at the beginning of day three of our workshop.

IMG_0485 day 3JPGAbove is an image of Albert’s under painting demonstration. Notice that he uses the above photograph for inspiration, rather than copying the photo exactly.

In his full-color transparent under paintings, Albert paints the shapes and cast shadows, painting from dark to light. This is to create an outline of what the finished painting will look like, and to size and place the shapes correctly on the canvas according to his measuring skills.

IMG_0493 day 3Above is Albert’s painting brought to resolution. There were many stages from the painting’s beginning to its end. This is his finished work and he wishes to share it with you all.


“Though I paint loosely and intuitively, I never forget the importance of measuring. I ruefully remember my years as a painter of portraits and nudes. By measuring and getting correct proportions, one’s work obtains a likeness, a sense of placement, and a sense of reality.”