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This 6 Day Mentoring Paint-A-Long Program took place in beautiful Fort Bragg/Mendocino, California, from Sunday afternoon to Saturday noon. And with perfect weather… yeah for the foggy ocean during the hot summer inland! Click the image above to read the full day-by-day example.


The Sunday evening opening night, some 15 of us gathered to meet to listen to Albert’s  welcoming greeting and then proceeded into the information regarding the week’s schedule.

Lot’s of exciting locations are planned here in the area with inspiring variety of ocean views,  beaches, and of course, powerful rock formations  and wind-swept trees. Then off to a well-known local seafood restaurant below our hotel right in the harbor of  the NoYo River where it so gracefully flows into the ocean. A memorial night with much enthusiasm for the coming week!


Monday morning demonstration: pencil drawing, watercolor under painting with a pastel over painting. Always meaningful for all the artists to see all the details and techniques that are beneath  one of Albert’s amazing pastels! Then…driving to our first location at Russian Gulch on the cliffs overlooking the powerful ocean views of Mendocino. What a incredible (and a little chilly) way to start the week!


The second full day of the workshop, all of us had a MOST delightful afternoon painting right at the ocean’s edge! After giving an inspirational demonstration, (Albert’s pastel painting is below) he gave insightful assistance at everyone at their easel. It was truly a delight to see all the artist’s interpretations of their experience at such a magnificent location!


Well here we are! Wednesday already?

We gathered in the studio this morning for a demo and a group critique of our paintings from yesterdays. What an incredible oil painting demonstration by Albert during the morning session!

The image below, is his  mono-chromatic under painting wash of turpenoid and raw umber.

The deliberate strokes coupled with Albert’s masterful instructions makes this a delicate and yet  power under-painting.



  • Use hard & soft edges to create emphasis on patterns and strength use charcoal to create nuances.
  • Do not take darks for granted to develop form.


  • Go with the ‘flow’ of a tree to develop rhythm and form.
  • Running after nature becomes secondary painting metamorphasizes into itself.
  • Use tissue or paper towel to soften & create distance and variation.

The resolved painting…. what an inspirational demonstration and what an unbelievable painting!
Thank you Albert for so wisely sharing your techniques and your skills that you have mastered over the years!


Thursday…an incredible week of inspiration,  information and painting is coming to a close with our final critique. In addition to all the grand art painted during the mentoring program, Albert invites all the artist to bring paintings to the workshop on which they have previously painted. Thus, instruction and guidance can be given for a fresh meaningful direction.

Their personal “theme” and technique is wisely brought to their attention while pointing out their strong points.  This gives the artist a very specific clear approach for their painting experience.


  • Only paint the area on your painting that is clear to you… once this area is painted, the rest will come easier to you. Always asking yourself: What does this painting need now?
  • Cast shadows should try and define form.


Another highlight for all of us during the closing session was to see the dramatic evolution for all the artist thru their painting! Have shared just a few here for your viewing…

Pastel by Mentoring Student

Pastel by Jeanine Christman

Pastel by Mentoring Student

So fellow artist, our week is now coming to a close as we sadly say so long for now to Mother Ocean…all the beauty she displays for us…and our friends, both new and from previous painting trips.

These six days of insightful mentoring, painting through fresh eyes and viewing and exploring new techniques and information will continue percolating  for each artist after the week is over and  become their own.

Looking forward to you joining us at our next coastal mentoring Paint-A-Long week and staying connected through our passion for painting!