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Come “Paint-A-long with Albert Handell” on Location

To register for my Mentoring Program, you may either email me: or call my studio/office 505.983.8373. All credit cards and checks are accepted. I prefer to welcome you into the program with a personal call or email. Sincerely… Albert

Mentoring Schedule View Testimonials Suggested Art Supplies Dear Artists, I am pleased to announce that my new, unique Come Paint-A-long with Albert Handell Program has taken another giant step forward. Starting in 2006, I began offering this format in France and in select locations within the United States. This is the program that so many of you (continue) have requested in the past. It is an exciting, in depth program different from my workshops. In this program we will all paint together during the day, every day both in the morning and afternoon you will be painting along with me as I start and finish my paintings on location. In the evening, we will have our critique of the day’s painting and continued instruction, plus valuable (and effective) information on career-building. In this program enrolled artists will be limited to 14 participating artists or less.

How is this Mentoring Program different from Albert’s typical painting workshop?

THIS PROGRAM IS 5 1/2 DAYS-!! You will paint all day, every day, both morning and afternoon. Each day we will all paint together at designated locations that Mr. Handell knows intimately. You will be painting a long side Albert and he will show you “STEP-BY-STEP” how he starts and works through a painting till finish. You will see for yourself, what and how he emphasis what is important, what “un-essentials” he leaves out (which is also very important) and how he keeps to the theme (idea) of the painting till finished (resolved) In this program, you will be able to (if you wish) paint the same subject as he does. This will give you a realization that is unique. After Mr. Handell finishes his afternoon painting, he will then give detailed help at each artist’s easel. Each evening we will meet to review the day’s painting and have our nightly critiques and suggestions for the next day’s painting. More indepth teaching and the explanation of career building will be kept to the evenings.

Career Building – Discussed and explained in Detail in the evenings:

Albert will first explain how he has built his own career and give you important insights and information on how to build your career. He will then answer all your questions. Some aspects covered are: how to find and get into a good gallery; what is a “good gallery”; what to expect from your gallery; and, what is your obligation to your gallery, etc. Also covered: what regional and/or national shows should one enter into both as a pastelist or as an oil painter; the importance of “being-in-print”: i.e., how to go about getting into print, including both magazine articles and books; what makes up an impressive portfolio; should I join a co-op and what makes a good co-op; how to organize your office, the tax advantages of declaring yourself an artist even though sales of paintings may be minimal or none at all. This part of the program alone can be worth the price of the program many times over. Yet there is much, much more – all presented to you in the evenings after the day’s painting.

Mentoring Schedule

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Mendocino/Fort Bragg Mentoring Program – August 13-19, 2017

Come Paint-a-Long with Albert Handell during this 7 day Mentoring Program on the beautiful California Coast. Sunday, August 13 (afternoon) – Saturday, August 19 (noon), 2017. Limited to 16 artists.

Taos, NM Mentoring Program – October 1-7, 2017

Taos, NM Mentoring Program – October 1-7, 2017

Come Paint-A-Long with Albert Handell during his annual mentoring program in Taos, New Mexico.     TAOS, NEW MEXICO Sunday, October 1 (half-day, begins in afternoon) – Saturday October 7, 2017 (to farewell dinner) Enrollment is strictly limited – Tuition $975

Sedona, AZ Mentoring Program – October 22-28, 2017

 Join this legendary Artist-Instructor for his  Mentoring Plein Air Painting Workshop in Red Rock Country of SEDONA, ARIZONA. Sunday, October 22 (afternoon) – Saturday, October 28, 2017 (noon).

St. Simons Island Mentoring Program – November 5 – 11, 2017

St. Simons Island Mentoring Program – November 5 – 11, 2017

Come Paint-A-Long with Albert during his 5th Mentoring Program on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Sunday, November 5 (begins in afternoon) – Saturday November 11 (noon), 2017

Palm Springs Mentoring Program – February 11-16, 2018

Palm Springs Mentoring Program – February 11-16, 2018

Albert and Jeanine at Indian Canyon Gardens, Palm Springs. Photo courtesy of Spencer Leyton February 2015 Workshop Testimonials “The Sanskrit word ‘Guru’ literally means the one, who removes the ignorance. Albert, you are a true guru, removing our ignorance of painting heart warming pictures. I have a long way to go, but with every workshop I […]